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Save the pennes — Santa Fiora Smart Village — www.vivinpaese.it

Here’s to the new smart villages in Italy.🍷 🇮🇹 A number of towns have launched travel incentives — and will pay you to work from there.

Santa Fiora in Tuscany (the city of water and music) and Rieti in Lazio are both offering to cover up to 50% of your rent if you stay between two and six months as a remote worker.

Local rents are pretty cheap — €300–500 per month, so you could be paying around €150 a month to rent a cosy cottage or apartment in a beautiful village this summer.

Santa Fiora’s mayor, Federico Baloccchi, told…

Photo: Natasha Russell Events

I’ve been juggling a UX project with a 30-day writing sprint, posting daily atomic essays on Twitter via #Ship30for30. I’ve done a few Cohort-based Courses and this one stands out because of the community, fast results, and learning in public. I’m on Day 21/30 — here are my thoughts so far.

Positives — shipping daily is powerful. It stops you from overthinking, over-editing and being a perfectionist. The aim is to get stuff out there and analyse your data, so you can see what’s resonating and go all-in on that. Progress over perfection.

Personal stories resonate the most, and work/travel…

Your guide to running a successful minimalist business✨

Professional reinvention
Professional reinvention
#58: 1 August 2021. Art: Guillaume Kashima

* Four big trends at work
* Practical strategies for reinvention — meet your possible selves

How do you reinvent yourself professionally during precarious times?

A friend has stopped hosting corporate events because of the pandemic and isn’t sure she wants to go back to it, given all the restrictions — where’s the fun? She’s figuring out her next step and doing another job and a ceramics class — enjoying working with her hands. I’m also in transition, not so much reinventing as repositioning myself, so I’ve been digging around to see what resources can help.

Catch up on this…

Your guide to running a successful minimalist business

Tame your inner critic. Your guide to running a successful minimalist business🚀
Tame your inner critic. Your guide to running a successful minimalist business🚀
#57, 25 July 2021. Art by Chris Barbalis

I’ve joined a Newsletter Mastermind, and ‘not feeling ready’ came up on this week’s call. “I’m on my 100th issue, and it’s the same every time — the day before it goes out, and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about. Yet somehow, every week, it gets pushed over the finishing line.” It turned into a discussion on how to be ‘inner critic ready’ led by @ReddyToGo — he’s the man.

I said I’m the same. Working on things last minute (writing this on Saturday night) or running late. I had an argument with a friend once…

#56: 11 July 2021. Art: Harry Tennant. Mood: excited

‘Bye honey, have a great day. Love you.’ Then I sit down and write for two hours. Half an hour of free writing to get me going, then on to Google Docs. I’ve made it a ritual — Moka pot, scented candle, flight mode, and trained my brain to associate the time and place with writing. It’s a daily habit that requires no thinking, and it’s helped me publish 12 books and a newsletter every week for the last year. I try to approach it as a time for me to learn and reflect rather than stressing about it. …

ALSO: Anywhere Jobs, the five-hour workday, Work-from-Anywhere Index, mental health for creators, Quentin Tarantino’s writing routine✍️

#55 4 July 2021. Art: Paris by Vincent Mahé. Mood: empowered

School’s out — but not for summer. Over 375,000 kids in the UK were sent home this week. 96% aren’t confirmed cases but only isolating as a precaution. We have a two-week shutdown here, so it’s back to homeschooling until 12 July.

My reality is at odds with what I’m seeing online about ‘business as usual’ and getting back to the office — it makes a mockery of it all. This is big stuff — exams cancelled, sports day and end of year events off — all a rite of passage for kids. …

Weekly curated tools for thought and ideas to share ✍️

#54 27 June 21. Art: Mar Ordonez. Mood: celebratory
#54 27 June 21. Art: Mar Ordonez. Mood: celebratory
#54 27 June 21. Art: Mar Ordonez. Mood: celebratory

A birthday card arrived yesterday from my second work wife — it’s 20 years since our first shift together at Wine Rack in Dulwich. She taught me the ropes, and we bonded over ‘cups of tea’ (you can’t recommend a wine to a customer unless you’ve tried it, a few times.) Eight-hour shifts, so we had plenty of time for deep conversations about everything. I thought she was super glam: tall and blonde in her sharp grey suits (she worked 9–5 in a Japanese bank), and she’d bring in baked fish for supper.

She was my north star and confidante…

Weekly curated tools for thought and ideas to share ✍️

My flat is like a greenhouse, so I’ve been working in cafés most days this week. I’m spending more but I need it. Self-care 🙂 To walk to work, be around people and have a chat with the baristas to find out what’s going on in Hastings (a slice of £610m government funding, lightning fibre broadband)⚡️

The Portfolio Collective: ‘The Domino effect is massive and contagious on the site.’

I’ve joined the Portfolio Collective, a startup by Ben Legg, a former COO of Google Europe, global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant and soldier. His mission: Helping entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society. There are…

Weekly curated tools for thought and ideas to share ✍️

#52 | 13 June 21 | Mood: appreciating the little things | University of Maryland, November 1971 © Steve Budman

In my 20s, I left a journalism job in Peterborough to freelance in London. I wanted to work on women’s magazines and thought I’d be happy once I got my dream job in the big city. The reality was quite different. Precarious work on low pay was stressful. When I landed shifts on glossy titles, I didn’t enjoy working in an all-female environment that felt competitive. I wasn’t very happy but I stuck at it — living the dream, right? I’d be happy once I was sorted with a proper job and a home. …

Weekly tools + resources for writers — thinkers, makers and builders ✍️

Our built culture: ‘Comfort isn’t always important. Sometimes standing higher, straighter and prouder is.’

I signed up to 1729.com this week, the first newsletter that pays you. Daily bitcoin bounties for completing paid tasks and tutorials with $1000+ in crypto prizes every day. It’s also a platform for distributing a new free book app called The Network State.

Earn crypto, learn new skills and join a community of tech progressives. ‘That means people who are into cryptocurrencies, startup cities, mathematics, transhumanism, space travel, reversing ageing (bring it on!), and initially-crazy-seeming-but-technologically-feasible ideas,’ says the founder, Balaji — see his past work here. You can subscribe for updates and follow @oneseventwonine on Twitter.

Truth, health and wealth

Here’s how it…

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